Dancehall workshop med BOYSIE (JA)

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Fredag den 26/9 får vi fint besök på Blue Hill! Boysie kommer hela vägen från Jamaica för att hålla en en workshop!
Missa inte årets Dancehall workshop med en av Jamaicas stoltheter inom dancehall -BOYSIE ROSES CREW
– det närmsta man kan komma till legenden Mr Wacky . Så missa inte nu chansen att få träna och dansa med en av Jamaicas äldsta, största dansare genom tiderna och att få känna av ”the real oldschool feeling av dancehall ”. Boysie kommer gå igenom steg, kombinationer och koreografi under workshopen samt om ni har frågor om Bogle är detta människan som kan ge er svar under klassen. Alla åldrar är välkomna, Bosyie kommer anpassa sig efter klassen . Han har stor erfarenhet inom undervisning och dancehall dans men det är första gången han besöker Sverige . Läs mer om Boysie längre ner

Men inte nog med det. – Under kvällen har ni även chans att ta klass utav 2 av Sveriges bästa dancehall dansare och lärare Melpo Mellz ( från Double Trouble ) samt Alexandra Sannerblom ( Founder of Enough dance crew ) .
Allt detta för ändast 300 kr – 3h 30 min!

Tid :
18-19 Melpo Mellz( DOUBLE TROUBLE )
19-20 Alexandra Sannerblom
Plats :
Hagalundsgatan 21 I Hagalund, Blue Hill SOLNA
Pris :
3 klasser 300 kr
Vill man bara ta klass för Boysie är priset 250 kr .
För anmälan maila namn, telefon nr och vilka klasser man vill ta till
ARRANGÖR: Melpo & Kingsmusic Production

Boysie Roses Biography
Lonsdale “Boysie” Guy was born 28 December 1980 at the Jubilee Hospital in Kingston and grew up in the Jungle community in Arnett Gardens and attended Kingston Secondary School on King Street, Down Town. Boysie realized his passion for dancing at the age of 13 as he was inspired and strongly influenced by the legendary Dancehall Icon Gerald “Bogle” Levy and officially became a member of the Black Roses Crew in 1997. It all started when, after a football game in their community, Bogle invited Boysie to accompany him to a party. That night, they went to a club called God Fathers at the time and over the years the name changed to Assylum Night Club, The Building and now it is called Triple Century. It was there that he recalled having his first real experience of the Dancehall Nightlife / Lifestyle and instantly fell in love. After that night he did not miss another ‘dancehall night’ at the club. This chapter of his life served as an indirect training period for him as a Dancehall Dancer, where he learned all of Bogle steps, slangs and expressions.
In 2003, Dancehall Don and Mainstream Producer Danny Champagne produced a song called ‘Weddy Time’ with Delly Ranks, Voicemail and Bogle, The song had to be re-recorded as Bogle felt it was necessary to mention Boysie’s name. He gained major popularity when the song was realeased and was featured in the Official Music Video. During this time Boysie won several awards from weekly events such as Weddy Weddy, Stone Love Anniversary, Hot Mondays, Uptown Mondays, Assylum Night Club for Best Supporting Dancer, Bogle Award, among other categories.
Boysie’s first time traveling with Bogle & Blacka Shine was in summer 2004 when they went directly to Baltimore in Washington DC for a club show. That same year, for the first time, Dancehall Dancers got their own time on Reggae Sumfest, where Bogle alongside Boysie, Jermaine Squad, Dahlia, Ratty Pelpa and Famous got 30 minutes of fame, performance for hundreds of hardcore dancehall patrons. Boysie gained several opportunities thereafter, performing again at Reggae Sumfest with Voicemail, Bounty Killer and Elephant Man each year. He is one of the few dancers that worked with Bounty Killer during his Performances at Stage Shows like, Real Mccoy in Runaway Bay, Follow the Arrow and another called Full Black.
In 2005 when Bogle passed away, there was a halt in Boysie’s dance career, he was devastated, not only because he lost a friend and dance-brother but he also feared his life as 3 Black Roses Members were already targeted and murdered. He considered the best way to recuperate was to spend some time outside of Jamaica, where he would be far away from the violence at the time in his country of birth.
Boysie emerged back on the scene a year later, although still in dismay, he made an effort to attend the weekly dancehall street parties such as Dutty Fridays, Passa Passa and Weddy Weddy. Around that time he created a dance move called ‘Kalamity’ and the Dancehall Duo RDX mentioned the dance move and creators’ name in their song “Dance” featuring Jigsy. Boysie was unable to attend the music video shoot held at the Bembe location and the dance move was therefore not highlighted in the Official Video.
Boysie kept on dancing and was occasionally booked for club shows and parties in the USA in states such as New Jersey, Philadelphia, New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Texas and Florida.
In Boysie’s opinion “Dancehall is like dancing from A-Z, from head to toe, mostly with your waste and dancing on your toes, not overly energetic but more about flow. He says Bogle’s style is dancing light, not heavy, just gliding through the dance floor.”
He quoted: “Follow your dreams and believe in what you do, Never like what you do always love what you do.” His favorite quotes from ‘Bogle’ aka Mr. Wacky is : “Everybody can dance, but a nuh everybody a dancer” and “Oh so badly.”

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